European Cancer Organisation

Oncopolicy Forum 2015

The ECCO Oncopolicy Forum (OPF) is the platform for cancer professionals representing the whole spectrum of care as well as patients and researchers to engage directly with EU policy makers at the highest level.

In line with its previous editions and affirmed reputation of cutting-edge content, the OPF 2015 was once again a great success. Eminent representatives from across the cancer continuum, leading patient advocates, and policymakers with a key role in cancer prevention and control across Europe gathered to reflect on the most pressing issues facing the community – the so-called ‘Timebombs in Oncology’.

The OPF 2015 sessions provided a unique opportunity to trace a multi-stakeholder action plan in areas where solutions are urgently needed - cancer survivorship, including optimal models of follow up care; cancer in elderly patients, which requires increasingly tailored approaches, and the oncology workforce, where projected shortages pose important risks for the safety and quality of care for patients and survivors.

The OPF 2015 did not omit other pertinent issues where dialogue between patients, professionals and policy makers remains crucial - inequalities in treatment outcomes across Europe, EU funding opportunities, and the emerging European Reference Networks to treat rare cancers.

In this way, hundreds of OPF participants had the opportunity to engage as part of an exceptional pool of multi-disciplinary cancer stakeholders and identify key points and recommendations on how public policy can play an important role to advance the best possible patient outcomes.



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