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2015 Pezcoller Foundation-ECCO Recognition for Contribution to Oncology


2015 Awardee: Klaus Meier 

Klaus Meier has been the cornerstone and a pioneer of oncology pharmacy in Europe. He launched ESOP (European Society of Oncology Pharmacy) in 2000 and currently represents over 3000 members from more than 27 countries. He introduced QUAPOS (quality standard for oncology pharmacy practice), which is now standard across Europe. Due to his continued efforts, in many European countries, pharmacists are now indispensable as an integrated member of the clinical oncology team. ESOP standards are now being adopted in many non-European countries, and is used as a model for implementing or updating local practices and legal guidelines. Dr Meier is a pharmacist who has contributed worldwide to promote the role of the pharmacist in a multi-professional approach to cancer patient care.



Award Committee

The Award Committee is composed of three representatives from the Pezcoller Foundation and three representatives from the European CanCer Organisation (ECCO).

  • Those representatives are appointed by their respective Board of Directors and are not eligible for receiving the award
  • The ECCO CEO and ESO Director are ex-officio members of the Award Committee
  • The Award Committee will convene in April under the Chairmanship of the ECCO President, Professor Cornelis van de Velde (NL)


Previous Awardees

 Pezcoller Foundation – FECS Recognition for Contribution to Oncology

  • 2015: Klaus Meier (DE)
  • 2013: Anita Margulies (CH)
  • 2011: Jens Overgaard (DK)
  • 2009: Françoise Meunier (FR)
  • 2007: Luigi Chieco Bianchi (IT)
  • 2005: René Bernards (NL)
  • 2003: Hans-Jörg Senn (CH)
  • 2001: Umberto Veronesi (IT)
  • 1999: Jean-Claude Horiot (FR)

 Pezcoller Foundation – ESO Recognition for Contribution to Oncology

  • 1997: Henry Lynch (USA)
  • 1996: Guido Venosta (IT)
  • 1994: Franco Cavalli (IT)


About the Pezcoller Foundation

The Pezcoller Foundation was established in 1980 through a most generous donation from Professor Alessio Pezcoller, a dedicated Italian surgeon, who devoted his life to his profession. Professor Pezcoller not only made important contributions to medicine but through his generosity and foresight, provided his lifetime's savings for others to do likewise.

Formerly, until 1997, the Pezcoller Foundation presented an award in collaboration with the European School of Oncology (ESO). The Pezcoller Foundation-ECCO Recognition for Contribution to Oncology builds on this tradition.