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Sixth letter to our Community / 31 March 2011



Exceptionally for my President’s Page I am concentrating on one sole topic that involves and interests each and every one us.

It is of course the 2011 European Multidisciplinary Cancer Congress, Stockholm, 23 -27 September 2011 - the multi-specialty, multi-professional tour de force in oncology.


Doing the maths: the forthcoming 2011 European Multidisciplinary Cancer Congress

Upon the eve of two important April deadlines - namely early registration closing 04 April and the last chance to submit an abstract before 18 April, I am eagerly anticipating two record-breaking numbers to be able to complete the following addition:

200 + 33 + 600 + 5000 = ? & ?

Simply then, which early registration and abstract submission figures will emerge from months of careful and highly committed planning involving:

Over 200 renowned experts behind the multidisciplinary comprehensive Scientific Programme of excellence; a total of 33 Scientific Tracks incorporating over 600 first-class speakers from each and every corner of the globe; and the preparation of 5000 sqms’ Exhibition space through which to showcase and educate on cutting technologies, healthcare solutions, and services within the oncology field?

The answer for both will rely on your data and participation at our meeting - the only multidisciplinary and multi-professional educational opportunity in oncology and consequently, one not-to-be missed:

  • By intermingling basic science, translational and clinical science, our experts have devised the multidisciplinary comprehensive Scientific Programme synonymous with our Congresses. Given the undisputed power of multidisciplinarity in advancing cancer research, treatment and care, the participation of each and every specialty in oncology present at this meeting is paramount.
  • I personally invite you to read our Advance Programme & Call for Abstracts online. In doing so you will discover that the 2011 Scientific Programme of excellence will not only deliver the breakthrough advances in scientific and clinical research, patient management and practice, but also offer many new and exciting elements such as the brand new Industry and Oncotechnology Tracks.

  • Since our Congresses represent the largest European platform at which to present the latest, ground-breaking data, they attract the ‘global eye’ in reporting on the hottest findings showcased throughout the meeting. If you have not yet selected this Congress as your definitive platform through which to present your data, we invite you to do so before regular abstract submission closes on 18 April 2011.

  • In view of the current global economic climate, making a ‘save’ is of course extremely welcome. Benefiting from significant savings on registration fees couldn’t be easier. Simply visit the ECCO website before early registration closes 04 April 2011 and register online.

In the hope that you will agree with me, I look forward to seeing you in Stockholm, 23 - 27 September 2011 to collectively advance European cancer therapeutics and prevention.


Michael Baumann, ECCO President

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