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Ulrik Ringborg

Ulrik Ringborg completed his Doctoral thesis at the Karolinska Institute (Sweden) in 1971 on Nucleolar RNA Synthesis, processing and transport in salivary gland cells of Chironomus tentans, and was appointed as Associate Professor of Histology that same year. He received his Med. Lic. Degree and State registration as medical practioner in1972.
He became Associate Professor of General Oncology in 1978, qualifying as an oncology specialist 1979 and, in 1987 was Consultant at the Department of General Oncology, Radiumhemmet. In 1992 he accepted appointments as Senior Consultant, Department of General Oncology, Radiumhemmet, Professor of Oncology, Karolinska Institute, and Head of the Department of Oncology, KarolinskaHospital.
From 1993-96 he was Prefect at the Institute of Oncology-Pathology and since 1994 he has been Director of the Cancer Center Karolinska. From 1995-2003 he was Head, the Division of Oncology at the KarolinskaHospital and in 1996 he served as Member of the Executive Group of the KarolinskaHospital until 2003.  The following year, he headed the Oncologic Clinic of the new KarolinskaUniversityHospital until 2005.
Ulrik Ringborg is currently Senior Physician, Professor of Oncology, and Director of the Cancer Center Karolinska. As Director, he coordinates the formation of a ComprehensiveCancerCenter of all cancer activities at the KarolinskaUniversityHospital and the Karolinska Institute. He has published over 273 papers in international journals and books on malignant melanoma.
He has served as Member on countless Boards and Assemblies including the Research Boards/Governing Bodies of the Stockholm Cancer Society, the King Gustaf V Jubilee Fund, the Nobel Assembly, the Swedish Cancer Society. Ulrik Rinborg is also Member of the Scientific Advisory Committee of EORTC and the Steering Group of NOCI, EORTC.
He is Past-President of the Organisation of European Cancer Institutes (OECI), Chairman of the Advisory Board for UV-protection, Swedish Radiation Protection Authority, Honorary Member of the Radiological Society of North America and Board Member of ECCO – the European CanCer Organisation.